Kitagawa/Aki Takamori

In this piece, we  can see a man making love to a woman. The idea I have about it is that he is probably a married man. The artist may have had that in mind when he illustrated him in black and white. The woman could be his mistress which is why she is illustrated in black and red. They are not completely nude, so it tells me that she is there for him only for love making. Their faces are not showing, maybe to tell a story of forbidden love or even shame.

In this piece, we can get an idea of a woman’s good and evil side. Her good side is in a natural color while the mirror image of her is in black and that black or “evil” part of her is taking over the “good” side of her.


One Response to “Kitagawa/Aki Takamori”

  1. well thought out !

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