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Quote of the Week:

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We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Kitagawa/Aki Takamori

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In this piece, we  can see a man making love to a woman. The idea I have about it is that he is probably a married man. The artist may have had that in mind when he illustrated him in black and white. The woman could be his mistress which is why she is illustrated in black and red. They are not completely nude, so it tells me that she is there for him only for love making. Their faces are not showing, maybe to tell a story of forbidden love or even shame.

In this piece, we can get an idea of a woman’s good and evil side. Her good side is in a natural color while the mirror image of her is in black and that black or “evil” part of her is taking over the “good” side of her.

Venus/ Demi

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 This piece shows the full figured woman as a fertility goddess. Her ample breasts are a symbol of nourishment and the significant size of the idols body is not only a sign of beauty, but an emblem of a giver of life.

In this magazine cover, Demi shows the satisfaction women feel when they have the ability to be with child. She is not afraid nor embarrased to show the world her body that has been transformed from her normal physique to her body that is full of life. It is a proud moment for her and she wants to share with everyone willing to look.

Comparing both figures we see that Venus is more of a talisman that was used to hold in one’s possession, while the magazine cover was for the sake of entertainment. They have similar meanings like birth, but have different reasons for being.

Manet/ Annie Leibovitz

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I look at this picture and I see arrogance and the lack of modesty that the nude woman has. She is an object for a man to view. The flower in her hair and the shoes she is wearing in bed give ideas to a man that she is waiting for him. She is a prostitute and the woman servant is there to present her with flowers that might have been sent by one of her “clients”.

 This picture of Miley Cyrus is that of innocence lost. She looks like a little girl; however the fact that she is partially nude shows that she has lost a little bit of her purity to the lifestyle she now lives.

What I see compare the Manet to Miley’s picture I get the idea that they are both being prostituted out. The Manet’s lady is being prostitued out for the man’s view and Miley is being prostitued out for the public’s view.

Dogon/ Van Eyck

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This piece depicts the man’s dominance over his woman. The placement of his hand over her shoulder and sitting on her breast shows that she is his. Also the placement of his other hand on his penis indicates his sexual position over her.

This piece has many vibrant colors that tell different things. The lady is wearing green and this to me means life. She also has her hand over her belly that looks to be enlarged, like she is pregnant. She is also looking down. This may be because she is in the family way and in those times, pregnancy was an obligation to the husband and not always because the woman wanted to conceive.

The man is wearing black. This tells me he is the dominant figure. He is holding her hand in his. He is raising his hand as to say “I am in charge of this woman”.

John Lenon/Yoko Ono Jeff Koons

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I think that this picture shows John Lenon’s dependency on his wife Yoko Ono. He trusts her to “carry” him. The fact that he is nude tells me that John is giving himself to her as a baby would to his mother. The carpet they are on is soft, but Yoko is wearing a black which gives her a strong notion about her, while John’s nude color makes him vulnerable to her.

Jeff Koons wants to perceive himself as a “Playboy” The women in the picture are giving him gifts because he is wanted by them. The clouds behind him tell me that his mentality of his position is that he is on “cloud nine”, but the donkey in the picture tells me that the women are throwing themselves at as Ass.

These two pieces contrast in both color, texture and content. The Lenon piece is softer in all elements where as the Koonz piece is bold in all elements.

Hello world!

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